• Let's Pray Together
    We welcome all in Friendship!
    5 FADE
    Let's Pray Together We welcome all in Friendship!
    We Welcome You! PreSchool - 8th Grade Welcomes you! More School Information http://www.thestpaulschool.org _blank
    We Welcome You! Our Religious Education Program Welcomes You! More RE information /rep _self
    Choose the Pews Come Join our Community of Believers
    Come Adore Him Holy Hour and Adoration is last Tues of the Month, 7pm
    Our Grotto & Stations Pilgrim alone or with other faithful
    Leave Your Legacy Let's be Founding Families of the New Parish Together!
    Diocese of Joliet Targeted Restructuring of Joliet Parishes More Information https://www.diojoliet.org/w/bishop-ronald-hicks-decision-concerning-the-restructuring-of-the-joliet-deanery _blank
    Bishop Hicks' Message Restructuring Explained Link to Diocese of Joliet https://www.diojoliet.org/w/bishop-ronald-hicks-decision-concerning-the-restructuring-of-the-joliet-deanery _blank